What a Podiatrist Can Do for You


Doctors specialise in a number of different organs, systems, and parts of the body. If you’ve had a major injury or are dealing with a disorder that affects one of these areas, you’ll want to work with a specialist because they will have a greater amount of specialised knowledge than your general doctor will have. For those who have problems with their feet and ankles, you’ll want to speak to a podiatrist. These experts offer a number of different services for those in need.

Bunion Removal

A bunion is the term for a bump located where the big toe connects to the foot. This happens when the big toe shifts inward. The bone located at the joint of the toe then pushes outward, creating a bunion. Since it’s on a joint, all of your body’s weight presses down on the bunion every time you take a step. That can lead to an incredible amount of pain.

Fortunately, there are over a hundred different surgical procedures for bunion removal. This surgery is actually not as major as it sounds, although it does mean you’ll be off your feet for a short amount of time while you recover. That may seem like nothing compared to the pain your bunion may cause.

Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetes is an insidious disease that can do a lot of damage to your body before you even realise you’re ill. Some people go years without realising that they have this disease. It can affect the circulation in your extremities, causing your feet to receive less blood flow. It can damage the nerves to the point that you no longer have any feeling in your feet, which means you may not realise that you’ve cut your foot. If severe diabetes goes untreated, you can even lose toes or your entire foot.

A foot and ankle specialist in Perth can check your feet for signs of damage and help you create a foot treatment plan to ensure that your feet stay as healthy as possible. While you will certainly need to work with a diabetic specialist to learn how to control your disease through diet, exercise, and medication, working with a podiatrist is a good idea if you’ve noticed changes in your feet.

Foot Surgery

If you’re in need of surgery on your foot or ankle, your doctor will most likely send you to a podiatric foot surgeon. These specialists have the training necessary to conduct surgery on the joints, bones, ligaments, and muscles located in the feet and ankles. They will be able to treat a number of different injuries, including those that occur due to sports or work. Before surgery, these experts will also conduct their own assessment of your injury and talk to you about non-surgical options, if there are any.


Finally, a podiatrist can also create custom-moulded orthotics for use in your shoes. They do more than just provide support for your foot, although they do that, too. These pads will help correct any abnormalities in how you step down. They can actually change how you walk, and in doing so, relieve a large amount of pain you may be in.


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