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Recently, ValueMags executives and President Andrew Degenholtz are seeking partnerships and client publishers that have news related magazines. Although many of their magazines are popular entertainment, the marketing and distribution company for magazines wants to diversify their magazine offers. This includes offering readers and potential new clients more educational and neutral news reporting.

In recent months, individuals all around the world but predominantly in North America have figured out that the news they are provided with may or may not be true. Often times, news reporting stations (radio or TV) as well as newspapers and websites are not fact checking their publications nor are they reporting stories neutrally. This comes with the recent campaign and election of Donald Trump whom is highly associated with multiple publishers including Fox News. In recent years due to the inconsistency of the stories reported by them, Fox News has been labeled as Republicans and unreliable. Not that the two are related but the new station consistently seemed to report positive news about the Republican political party and negative or unfavorable new about the Democratic political party id they reported any in the first place. The issues related to this are that the public cannot make informed decisions because they are not well informed nor do they have the power to be well informed. If the biggest news reporting stations may be twisting the truth behind a story, where else can one get reliable and accurate information?Image result for Reporting Reliable Information with ValueMags

The other issue connected with reporting stations says ValueMags is that there are tones and reactions involved. These varying tones and reactions can have an influence on the way other receive the information. ValueMags wants to deliver their consumers magazines that they can rely on and form opinions of their own once they receive non-bias information.


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