Advantages and the Disadvantages of the Health Insurance


Health insurance is good, and it helps the employees to get the treatment at the time of injury or illness. Most of the companies prefer it, and they offer it to the staffs. Doubtlessly it is good, and it has many positive sides; however, it has some negative sides. In this article, I will discuss everything.

Nowadays the cost of the treatment is not affordable to everyone, and most of the staffs prefer health plan, and they believe that they can take care of the health at the time of illness or injury. So, they can work happily, and the productions of the employees always increase if the firms provide insurance, and it is natural. Not only that the USA government always encourage the employees and the employers. The government reduces the tax if a firm provides this facility.

Positive Sides of Health Insurance

There are many positive sides of it, and so most of the employees and employers prefer it.

  1. It helps to find and keep the most talented staffs in office. Actually, everyone favors insurance, and if a company provides it, then the workers feel more secure and safety life. They can do their work without tension, and it helps the firms to increase production.
  2. If a small business firm wants to take tax benefits then should provide it to the employees. So, it is not only useful for the staffs but also for the companies.
  3. The small firms that have less than 25 workers should offer the staff health insurance. The employers can receive tax credit benefits if they maintain other criteria.
  4. Big business should provide it to the employees because there are many packages for them. They can get the discount from the insurances companies because they have many staffs.

However, the companies should follow some steps when they provide the health insurance to the workers. They should choose the plan related to the work. They should discuss with the employees before planning to give it to the employees. The workers have the opinion, and everything should be discussed with them for a better result.

There are a few negative sides of it.

Negative Sides of Health Insurance

  1. The cost of the health insurance is increasing every year. Large companies can easily afford it, but the small employers may face the financial problem because of the high price of it.
  2. Sometimes small firms share the expenses of health insurance with their workers, and the staffs feel unhappy.
  3. Sometimes insurance providers deny of paying the compensation because of some disputes.

It is not a problem. Many law firms and lawyers are there, and they have excellent knowledge, and they can help the employees to get enough compensation. Spillers Law Firm has the excellent track record, and they help the workers to get compensation.

Yes, there are the only a few negative sides, but it has many positive sides, and each employee should provide it to their workers.

Lastly hope, this article will help to know the positive and negative sides of health insurance.


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